Thursday 7th July 2022
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Legal and ethical statement

This site has been produced by Keywords Associates Ltd for Firmstart (Manchester) CIC. Firmstart (Manchester) CIC is legally required to give the following details of its business: Company Name and Registered Office Address: Firmstart (Manchester) CIC St Wilfrid's Enterprise Centre Royce Road Hulme Manchester M15 5BJ Telephone: 0161 227 9889 Fax: 0161 227 9972 E-mail: All enquiries regarding this site should be sent to the company e-mail address, stating your name and the nature of your enquiry. Firmstart (Manchester) CIC cannot guarantee to reply to any enquiry. Links The inclusion of any links on this site should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the organisation connected with that site or any views expressed on that site. We make every effort to check that the links included in this site are current and that the aims, programmes and operations of the organisations linked to are consistent with the objectives of this site and Firmstart (Manchester) CIC. We do not guarantee the quality of the information contained on web pages external to this site, nor do we make any claims regarding the accuracy or timeliness of such information, or the honesty, reliability or competence of the organisations represented in or by those web pages. Please let us know if links do not work or if the organisations linked to in any way fail to meet the highest standards of legality, probity and decency. If our investigation supports your claims, the links in question will be removed. Firmstart's Commitment Firmstart (Manchester) CIC has used and will use its best efforts to ensure that all its employees follow the highest ethical standards when dealing with members of the public. Firmstart (Manchester) CIC strives to be an equal opportunity employer and is committed to the goals of staff development and training. Firmstart (Manchester) CIC has used its best efforts to ensure that the information in this site is timely and accurate, that all copyright holders are acknowledged, and that no illegal or offensive material, or defamatory or discriminatory comments are published on the site. While Firmstart (Manchester) CIC takes every effort to monitor the content of this site, responsibility for any content not supplied by persons employed by or in the service of Firmstart (Manchester) CIC or any of its affiliated or associated organisations rests entirely with the individual or individuals who supplied it. It is the responsibility of that person or those persons to ensure that their material is non-defamatory, non-discriminatory, does not breach any copyright agreement, and does not breach the Data Protection Act. If you bring any material on this site to our attention which breaches the above guidelines or which in any way contravenes the laws of England, it will be removed.

Added: Wednesday, December 6 2006