Tuesday 25th January 2022
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Bassmedia Design and Web Development

16 Silverdale Road




Tel: +44 (0)07967 392960, 0161 209 8028

Email: Bassmedia

Website: Bassmedia Design and Web Development

Bassmedia Web design: Manchester based freelance web site designers/web design firm. Web Design for UK Small Businesses. Virtual Tours (quicktime, flash, java.) Manchester Web Designers. Content Managed Websites (CMS). Website and Internet Consultancy. Website Promotion.



Myshells Photography
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Photographer - Michelle Bailey

Tel: 07703 209 381

Email: myshells.photography@yahoo.co.uk

Michelle is a freelance photographer based in Manchester who specialises in events and location photography, portraits and promotional photography. 

Added: Monday, December 5 2016

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